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Intuitive Reiki For Our Times

Intuitive Reiki For Our Times: Essential Techniques For Enhancing Your Practice (ISBN #159477099-9) was written to help Reiki practitioners of all levels and all lineages to learn how to use intuition in support of Reiki healing and spiritual pathwork. Learning Reiki enhances the natural ability to heal through touch which every human being possesses, and learning how to work with this enhanced ability through hands-on self-treatment and client treatment is the focus of Reiki I classes around the world. Becoming attuned to Reiki also enhances the natural ability to "intuit" or attend to inner guidance, yet little instruction is offered to most practitioners on how to develop or work with intuition.

Intuitive Reiki For Our Times was written to provide Reiki practitioners with both the encouragement and the support they need to develop their intuition for their own use in everyday life; and for use with Reiki clients, who seek to understand the emotional and mental origins of their physical conditions in order to claim deeper and more permanent healing. The book is designed to invite reflection, meditation, and self-guided study and practice, in private for personal growth, in community for shared growth, and finally, in client practice.

The book begins with a brief examination of intuition's place in Reiki history, from Hawayo Takata's experience hearing a mysterious "inner voice" that led her to refuse surgery and journey to Hayashi's Reiki clinic in Japan, to "reiji-ho," the technique of intuitive hand placement long practiced in Japan and recently introduced to Western practitioners by Mr. Hiroshi Doi, a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and the creator of Gendai Reiki, a synthesis of Japanese and Western techniques. The book then invites practitioners to explore memory for moments of intuition and spiritual guidance that have been suppressed, to examine these memories for better self-understanding, and to reclaim the power of their own natural intuitive ability.

In chapter after chapter, Intuitive Reiki For Our Times presents stories which demonstrate how Reiki fosters intuition and how intuition supports healing in clients and in practitioners. The stories underscore a simple truth: learning to become comfortable in recognizing intuitive impressions that arise during a Reiki session is a process. Self-doubt and over-confidence can both interfere with accuracy. Learning to relax and to surrender to the flow of universal life force energy that is Reiki ultimately makes it possible to be clear, accurate, and empowering to the client.

Specific traditional Western and Japanese Reiki techniques for using intuition in self and client-treatment are described, with step-by-step instructions. New techniques, previously taught only at Reiki and Intuition Workshops, are also presented. These techniques use Reiki's enhanced awareness of subtle energy to allow practitioners to do intuitive readings, focusing on general or particular concerns.

The book concludes with a chapter of interviews with Reiki Masters about their experiences opening to intuition, before and after learning Reiki, and understanding its value in client practice and in their own spiritual pathwork and personal lives. Interview subjects include Laurelle Shanti Gaia, William Rand, Robert Fueston, Mari Hall, janeAnne Narrin, Linda Schiller Hanna, and Linda Urie. The Appendix offers some valuable resource lists: Reiki organizations, intuition development workshop providers, and recommended reading.

Intuitive Reiki For Our Times is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, New Age gift shops, and many health food stores. To obtain your copy directly from the publisher, you may:

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Special thanks to Connie Bell-Dixon, who shot the black and white photographs used in Intuitive Reiki For Our Times, some of which are reproduced here; to Iryna Zhyrenko and Albert Seaman, who modeled for the photos in the book; to Robin Littlefeather Hannon, who captured in digital form the majestic lunamoth who visited us at the Rising Phoenix Retreat Center in June 2006; and to everyone at Inner Traditions who worked so hard to make this book just as beautiful and meaningful as the first one.

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