Traditional Reiki

What is Reiki? If you are asking that question now, after a global pandemic has refocused people's attention on the importance of simple, common sense measures to protect against the spread of COVID-19, you may find yourself more willing to consider the value of a hands-on, energy healing method that can be used to self-treat as well as treat others. You may be interested in learning that Reiki can be "sent" to someone in need with greater effect than prayer, and you might want to learn more about the opportunity for spiritual pathwork that Reiki offers to those who commit to live by its principles. Here you can learn more about traditional Usui Reiki, a form of healing bodywork, energy medicine, and spiritual pathwork now practiced worldwide. You can use the links below to get basic information, learn about Reiki's history, or find out more about traditional Reiki classes and Reikishares. There is even a description of a simple method for sending healing to planet earth.

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