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Reiki Shares and Classes 2021

For everyone who is interested in learning traditional Reiki in this lineage, Reiki I and II classes are described here, as well as the Reiki & Intuition Workshop. The opportunity to practice traditional Reiki with others of like mind and heart is also important, so virtual Reikishares, held via Zoom, are being planned to begin in February 2021.

Because I now have students at all levels interested in learning Reiki, I will be working to develop an online format for teaching Reiki I, II, and the master course. While my experience with decades of teaching Reiki reinforces the value of face-to-face instruction, I trust the Energy to meet the need for healing of each individual in the present moment. I know the Energy can flow through the medium of technology as well as through my hands, so I will adapt! For now, I live my practice, doing hands-on and distant healing every day, reflecting on the Reiki principles, and attempting to live by them. I am grateful for all my students and for all those who find their way to Reiki, for together, you bring great healing to this world during a time of great need. Knowing this helps my peace of mind.

How may Reiki help you? Reiki enables us to become channels for healing in our lives and in our world. Reiki is a form of hands-on bodywork, subtle energy medicine, and spiritual pathwork. Reiki relaxes, relieves tension, calms the busy mind and the anxious heart, and reduces and often completely relieves pain and other symptoms of disease. Reiki is a practical healing skill for anyone to learn, young or old, employed or retired. Because of its ability to reduce pain and accelerate healing, more and more healthcare professionals are learning Reiki and offering it to their patients and clients, but Reiki is truly for everyone. Reiki is easy to learn, and learning Reiki always enhances the quality of life.

To learn more about the content of a specific Reiki class, double click on the links below or scroll down:

Reikishare at the Dreamcatcher in Skippack, Pennsylvania, has been regularly scheduled from 2 p.m - 5 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month (unless this coincided with a religious or national holiday) for many years. Since March 2020, when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania closed the doors of many businesses in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Reikishare has not met face-to-face. For now, practitioners are encouraged to set aside equivalent time at home to connect to others in the Reiki community to practice and to send healing to those who have requested it, to humankind in a time of need, and to Mother Earth, Father Sky. Please look here for information on virtual Reikishares beginning in February 2021.

Reiki I, the basic course in hands-on healing, provides a wonderful opportunity to feel pure healing energy flowing through you, perhaps for the first time, during the attunements and during Reiki practice. Classes are small, so you receive lots of personal attention and have a chance to ask all your questions and receive thorough, thoughtful answers from a teacher with many years experience. You also practice giving a full Reiki treatment -- and receive one as well! During the Reiki I course, you will:

Reiki I Classes teach you how to bring greater healing into your life, as well as how to offer healing to others. Because more and more people are realizing the value of this practical skill, the classes are popular.

Reiki II, the advanced course teaches the practitioner how to send Reiki healing to someone absent or at a distance; it also teaches the practitioner how to receive and relay intuitive impressions that arise while providing Reiki during a hands-on or distant healing session. This class requires a commitment of twelve to fourteen hours and is taught over two days. During this class, you will:

The Reiki Principles Workshop is a one-day class designed to support practitioners of all levels and lineages in becoming more conscious of the value of the Reiki Principles and more adept in applying them in real life situations. This class offers practical techniques for becoming more adept at releasing anger and worry, opening to gratitude, and expressing integrity and kindness. Some of the exercises from the class are described in Reiki for the Heart and Soul: The Reiki Principles as Spiritual Pathwork, published by Inner Traditions in December 2008. During this class, you will:

Reiki & Intuition Workshop is a two-day class designed to support practitioners of all levels and lineages in learning how to work with Reiki and intuition together in harmony. This class is a wonderful opportunity to practice the process of receiving intuitive impressions as you do hands on Reiki and distant healing, to become confident of your skill as an intuitive, and to bring your skill as an intuitive into all other aspects of your life. During this class, you will:

Reiki III, the master course, provides an additional attunement and several months of additional instruction and supervised teacher training. The course begins with the experience of the Reiki Master attunement and training in the use of the Master symbol for meditation and use in hands on and distant Reiki healing. (This class is the equivalent of what other Reiki Masters call "Reiki Master Practitioner" training.) Three additional full weekend classes follow, spaced roughly two months apart, which teach the student how to teach Reiki at the basic, advanced, and master levels. The Reiki Master course emphasizes a thorough and comprehensive grounding in all aspects of Reiki practice and history; support for the Reiki Master student as he or she experiences the transformation and integrates the energy of the Master attunement; and practice of attunements and other Reiki class activities. Manuals are provided throughout the course; certificate is provided on completion. Observation of Reiki I and Reiki II classes is required. Experienced Reiki II practitioners who feel a calling to deepen their Reiki practice and to teach Reiki are encouraged to contact Amy Rowland for more details by calling 610-845-3411 or writing Amy at for more details.

All Reiki classes result in professional certification which may be applicable toward continuing education requirements in nursing and other healthcare occupations.

About the Reiki Master: Amy Rowland, M.A., ABMP, has taught Reiki to thousands of students since her certification to teach in 1994. Trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki level I and II in 1987 by Reverend Beth Gray, a master student of Hawayo Takata's, and in level III by Frank DuGan in 1994, Rowland also teaches traditional Japanese Reiki techniques and Gendai Reiki. Rowland is the author of The Complete Book of Traditional Reiki (Inner Traditions: 2010), which is a revised, updated version of Traditional Reiki for Our Times (Inner Traditions: 1998), used to support Reiki teaching in the United States, South America, Europe, and Russia. In addition, she has also written Reiki for the Heart and Soul: the Reiki Principles as Spiritual Pathwork (Inner Traditions: 2008) and Intuitive Reiki For Our Times (Inner Traditions: 2006), called "...essential reading for Reiki healers..." by California Bookwatch.She has written many articles on Reiki for print and online publications, including Reiki News Magazine. To contact her, call 610-845-3411 or write an email:

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