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Reiki Shares and Classes 2020

For everyone who is interested in learning traditional Reiki in this lineage, Reiki I and II classes are described here, as well as the Reiki & Intuition Workshop. The opportunity to practice traditional Reiki with others of like mind and heart is also important, so dates for monthly Reikishares are also posted.

However, Amy Rowland's primary responsibilities right now are to her family. She serves as primary caregiver for her father, who had surgery the week before Thanksgiving in 2019, and two additional surgeries New Year's Day and January 3, 2020. He is now recovering strength and mobility in the short stay unit of a nursing home. Because of the demands of the caregiver role, Amy has not yet scheduled any class dates for 2020. Instead, if you are interested in learning traditional Reiki in this lineage, Amy invites you to contact either Barbara Musselman, R.N., at 215-721-9433 or 215-872-5924, or Sharon Riegner, at 610-326-8391. Both Barbara and Sharon are Reiki Masters Amy Rowland has certified to teach in this lineage and both have been actively teaching Reiki for years. Barbara is committed to teaching other nurses and has classes for nurses scheduled through the spring in the Philadelphia area. Sharon is open to teaching people from all walks of life and is able to accomodate out-of-towners at her center, Serenity Gardens, in Stowe, Pennsylvania.

Amy Rowland looks forward to teaching Reiki at all levels again very soon. For now, she practices hands-on and distant healing every day, reflects on the Reiki principles, holds the Reikishares each month, and is filled with gratitude for all her students and all those who find their way to Reiki.

Reiki enables us to become channels for healing in our lives and in our world. Reiki is a form of hands-on bodywork, subtle energy medicine, and spiritual pathwork. Reiki relaxes, relieves tension, calms the busy mind and the anxious heart, and reduces and often completely relieves pain and other symptoms of disease. Reiki is a practical healing skill for anyone to learn, young or old, employed or retired. Because of its ability to reduce pain and accelerate healing, more and more healthcare professionals are learning Reiki and offering it to their patients and clients, but Reiki is truly for everyone. Reiki is easy to learn, and learning Reiki always enhances the quality of life.

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