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A Reiki Method for World Healing

Like a prayer, Reiki energy can be sent to the whole world -- or to a specific area or region for healing. Now, in the midst of war and in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters, there is a great need for daily prayer and ongoing healing for those affected -- as there will be for years to come. If you are already trained as an advanced Reiki practitioner, you will be familiar with a method for sending healing from your Reiki II course and may understand how to use the method already taught to you for this purpose. If not, here is a simple way to send world healing that will work for any advanced practitioner:
  1. Raise your hands up in front of you, at the level of your heart, with your palms facing each other and a small space in between.

  2. Imagine the earth in this space. Name the whole earth or the part of the earth to which you want to send healing.

  3. Offer Reiki, acknowledging free will and higher purpose.

  4. Make the Reiki symbols for distant healing in the sequence you have been taught. Then return the hand with which you drew the symbols to its original position.

  5. Listen to the Reiki energy as it flows between your hands, sending healing.

  6. When you feel the flow of energy begin to diminish, bring the treatment to a close with an expression of thanks or a blessing, then break the connection by blowing into the space between your hands, clapping, rubbing your hands together, or bringing them together as if in prayer.

Compared to some traditionally taught distant healing methods, this method is very efficient, taking only a few minutes; so it is easy to incorporate into daily Reiki practice -- and, as with all Reiki, there are healing benefits for the practitioner as well as, in this case, the whole world.

If you are not yet a Reiki practitioner, but would like to do more than pray for world healing, you can adapt the method described above into a visualization. Offer the love you feel for the earth for the purpose of healing, and picture this feeling of love as beautiful pink light that flows from your heart into the space between your hands. Know that the earth is free to accept and to receive whatever is for her highest good. When you feel a sense of completion, end the visualization with an expression of thanks or a prayer of thanksgiving.

-- Adapted from The Complete Book of Traditional Reiki

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